The rise of podcasting in Spanish: growth in listenership and willingness to pay


The world of podcasting in Spanish is experiencing a golden moment. Based on more than 75 million monthly listeners and an offer of more than 500,000 programs in Spanish, iVoox has detailed the trends and consumption habits of more than 3,600 listeners in its 3rd Annual Report on podcast consumption in Spanish.

Listeners show an increasing willingness to financially support content creators. 58.51% are willing to pay for exclusive content, and the main reason, with 59.50%, is to financially support the creator of the podcast. In the field of advertising, 69.46% of listeners trust a brand or service more if it is advertised by a podcaster, and 32.42% would end up making a purchase based on such a recommendation.

Despite the growing offer of video podcasts, 68.41% of listeners still prefer the pure audio format, showing that the essence of podcasting lies in the freedom it offers to consume quality content while doing other activities.