The Government will spend 270 million on advertising


The Government has committed to spending a total of 270 million euros on advertising by 2024, 138.3 million on institutional campaigns and another 131.8 million on commercial campaigns, carried out by public companies dependent on the State.

According to the screening carried out by THE OBJECTIVE based on the data provided by the Institutional Advertising and Communication Plan, this figure is the second highest in the last 14 years and shows that Pedro Sánchez’s Executive begins the legislature setting new records.

The data provided by the Government this week show an apparent reduction in investment, with a 5% cut in the amount allocated to institutional advertising, but if the money allocated to commercial advertising is added, it represents growth compared to the 269 million of the last year. The highest figure since 2010 was recorded in 2022 when the current president broke all public advertising records with 286.7 million in total.