Atresmedia TV premieres on laSexta “Vamos a publicidad”, a tribute to the impact of television advertising


On February 12, 2024, Atresmedia TV premieres the program “Vamos a Publicidad”, a format that comes as a tribute to television advertising and will be broadcast on laSexta after “El Taquillazo”. This new space will also be available on atresplayer.

This new proposal comes as a journey through the past and present of Spanish advertising, highlighting the importance and impact that advertising has had on the lives of Spaniards. In this way, “Vamos a Publicidad” will collect everything from unforgettable phrases to melodies that have managed to remain captured in the memory of viewers, including the wit and humor that has been present in each advertisement. The program manages to show how advertising is an intrinsic part of people’s daily lives.

The program will not only review the most remembered and awarded advertisements in Spain, but will also reflect on how it has contributed to the development of television as an entertainment medium, essential to guarantee free programming for viewers.

The public will be able to actively participate, remember and share their own experiences, as well as comment on the ads that they remember most or have had the most impact on them.