Demand Gen: Google unleashes demand generation campaigns


Demand Gen are campaigns that record actions and interactions on YouTube, including Shorts, Discover and Gmail, becoming the ideal option for those advertisers on social networks who want to publish attractive, multi-format ads on Google’s most impactful platforms.

From the North American company they indicate that the “probability that YouTube is used to search for products and brands is twice that of any other video service or social media platform.” In addition, they indicate that users believe that YouTube ads are more trustworthy, credible and truthful than ads on other video or social media platforms by 16%.

These campaigns, powered by Google’s artificial intelligence, are ideal when you want to grow your business and attract new potential customers.

Remember that middle stage of the sales funnel where users are already interested, but aren’t actively searching? That’s where demand generation campaigns come into play. The idea is to educate and convince people about its value and relevance.

This long-term strategy is based on creating meaningful content, driving engagement, and using a wide range of channels to establish brand recognition and trust.