We tell you all the details about the Mobile World Congress


The Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC) is the largest and most influential event in the world on the mobile industry, where the latest news, trends and solutions for the present and future of connectivity are presented. This year, the MWC is being held in Barcelona, ​​from February 26 to 29, under the slogan “Connected Impact”, which reflects the positive impact that mobile technology has on society, the economy and the environment.

MWC 2024 offers a global and updated vision of the advances and challenges facing the mobile industry, as well as the opportunities and benefits it offers for different sectors and areas of society. Some of the topics and areas that are being addressed at the event are:

5G and beyond: 5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, which promises greater speed, capacity, reliability and efficiency, as well as the possibility of connecting millions of devices and smart objects. MWC 2024 shows the status and potential of 5G, as well as the technologies that complement and surpass it, such as 6G, edge computing or the internet of things (IoT).

Artificial intelligence (AI): AI is the ability of machines and systems to learn, reason and solve problems, imitating or surpassing human capabilities. MWC 2024 explores the applications and challenges of AI in various fields, such as health, education, transportation, entertainment and security. In addition, it will feature the participation of Demis Hassabis, the CEO and co-founder of Google DeepMind, one of the leading companies in the development of AI.

Robotics and automation: Robotics and automation are the set of techniques and processes that allow the creation and control of machines and devices that perform tasks autonomously or semi-autonomously, replacing or assisting humans. The Mobile Word Congress 2024 presents the latest advances and best practices in this area, as well as the benefits and risks they imply for employment, ethics and society.

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR): VR and AR are technologies that create or modify the perception of reality, through the use of devices such as glasses, helmets, gloves or cameras. The Mobile Word Congress 2024 will showcase the possibilities and challenges of VR and AR for leisure, education, tourism, art or culture, among other sectors.

Cybersecurity and privacy: Cybersecurity and privacy are the principles and measures that guarantee the protection of data, information and systems against threats, attacks or breaches, both internal and external. The Mobile Word Congress 2024 will analyze the challenges and solutions that mobile technology offers for cybersecurity and privacy, both individually and collectively, as well as the regulations and standards that regulate them. The Mobile Word Congress 2024 is, without a doubt, an essential event for lovers of mobile technology and for all those who want to know and take advantage of the opportunities it offers for the development and progress of society.