April 9 is the day Prime Video will start showing you advertising


Advertising in audiovisual content on the small screen is no longer just a matter of free-to-air television. Netflix was the first video-on-demand platform to introduce ads in its series, movies, reality shows and documentaries. It did so at the end of 2022, generating great controversy, but turning out to be less invasive than expected by offering a new, cheaper rate, with advertising breaks. That is, users who already had Netflix could continue enjoying audiovisual content for the same price or pay less and have ads. Shortly after, Disney+ did the same and now the time has come for Amazon Prime Video. But unlike the aforementioned platforms, the home delivery giant, in its entertainment area, automatically advertises to all its subscribers. This is what it has let its customers know through an email: “Starting April 9, Prime Video series and movies will include limited advertising.”

“This will allow us to continue investing in attractive content, and continue increasing that investment in the long term and thus maintain the quality and quantity of content on Prime Video. Our goal is to have many fewer ads than linear television and other streaming services. “, says the communication verbatim.

That is, unlike Netflix or Disney+, for the current price it is mandatory to have ads. However, they give the option to get rid of them by paying more each month: “We will also offer a new option without ads for an additional €1.99 per month.” The fine print warns: “Live content and additional subscription channels will continue to include advertising content”

Aware of this important change, they give the option to terminate the contract: “There will be no changes to the current price of your Prime subscription. You can cancel your subscription without charges.”