Cabify launches a new business division so that big brands can advertise


Cabify has begun its particular journey in the advertising sector with the launch of Cabify Media, the new division that connects big brands with millions of people who use Cabify every day. Spain is the first market where this new portfolio of services for advertisers is already offered, while the arrival of this division in Latin America is planned for this year.

Cabify Media will make it easier for brands to connect with their audiences at different times and media during their mobility experience. These companies will be able to convey their messages through digital formats such as the application itself and also on offline media, both inside and outside the cars that connect to the platform.

For interested companies, advertising on Cabify provides the opportunity to benefit from technological capabilities and reach the consumer at key moments of the mobility experience that have the user’s attention, such as driver assignment and the course of the journey. until arrival at destination. In fact, according to the platform’s internal data, a user spends, on average, 24 minutes on the Cabify app every time they make a trip, taking into account the waiting time until the driver arrives, the journey and the subsequent evaluation. The various interactions between user and app cause there to be more than 2 minutes of maximum concentration in front of the screen each time it is used.

«This product allows major brands to increase their visibility and presence in the minds of consumers, as well as improve their conversion rates. “Dozens of companies from relevant sectors, such as technology, mass consumption, leisure or finance, have shown interest in incorporating our formats into their investment plans and, from our side, we work to connect with our users in a way that is relevant to both,” explains Marta de Eusebio, Head of Cabify Media.

Advertising on physical and digital media is presented as a powerful platform to make it easier for brands to connect with their users and potential users. Currently, Cabify operates in 40 cities in Spain and Latin America and has more than 50 million registered users.

Cabify Media lays the foundations for this new line of business that, thanks to its knowledge of how people and cities move, the segmentation of behaviors and the loyalty achieved by Cabify during this time, is already a privileged alternative for big brands can target the audiences that interest them most.