Meta tests “Ad Breaks” on Instagram: The ads that cannot be skipped


In a bid to redefine the advertising experience on Instagram, Meta is testing a new non-skippable ad format on the popular social network. Called an “ad break,” this feature is designed to interrupt users’ browsing with ads lasting between three and five seconds that must be viewed before continuing to explore the content.

The implementation of these ad breaks has begun to be tested with a select group of users, who have reported their experience on platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit. These users have noticed that ads appear before videos play, with a countdown indicating the duration of the ad and an informational button explaining the functionality.

Despite initial criticism, Meta has not made an official announcement regarding the expansion or completion of the trial.

The company will need to carefully evaluate user feedback to avoid a negative reaction that could affect its user base. Instagram’s recent history with aggressive advertising in 2022 suggests that any changes to ad formats should be handled cautiously so as not to alienate users. The introduction of ad breaks is Meta’s latest effort to monetize Instagram more effectively. However, the balance between monetization and user satisfaction will be crucial in determining the success of this new feature.