TikTok Ad Awards celebrates its third edition: dates and nominations


TikTok has announced the third edition of the TikTok Ad Awards, which will reward the most impactful campaigns that have conquered the platform’s users due to their creativity, authenticity and extraordinary results. This year, the competition adds a new category to celebrate these most innovative upper funnel campaigns, and also welcomes the Netherlands to the program for the first time.

Prizes are available for the United Kingdom, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), France, Italy, Spain, Central Europe (Romania, Czech Republic and Poland), the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland), Israel and the Netherlands.

For its part, the TikTok community wants brands to overcome creative limits and therefore, the TikTok Ad Awards seek to put the spotlight on companies that are exceeding these creative limits in the best way, providing content that entertains the community of the platform.

This year, the TikTok Ad Awards come with five categories in which different brands can participate, among which the best campaigns will be recognized based on creativity, innovation and the most outstanding results. The categories are as follows: Grates Branding, Greatest Performance, Greatest Creative, Greatest Small Business and Greatest TikTok.

Campaigns that are recognized with an award will obtain different prizes: the TikTok Ad Awards trophy; ad credits; the TikTok badge that allows the award to be promoted on social networks or in client presentations; and paid media collaborations to promote the winners. In addition, the winners of the “Greatest TikTok” awards will attend the final of the European Grand Prix.

The opening of registrations for the TikTok awards will be this June 10 and will be open until September 25, 2024. Between September 25 and November 27, the juries of each country will deliberate and choose the best campaigns, who will receive the award at the different local galas that will be held between October 28 and November 7. As a culmination, on November 27, 2024, the European Grand Prix will be held among the Greatest TikToks in each country.