Connected TV continues to grow: 95% of users access content through the Internet.


Connected Television is experiencing an era of transformation and growth in Spain, and 95% of Spanish Internet users, aged 16 to 75, access television audiovisual content through the Internet, which represents close to 33 million individuals, as detailed in the “Connected Television Study 2024” by IAB Spain.

This report highlights that the penetration of Connected Television (CTV) has increased five percentage points compared to 2023 (90%), driven mainly by young people between 16 and 24 years old, mostly men, where it grows 15 points.

The study, which analyzes the habits and consumption of Connected TV users and measures the market and its evolution in Spain, concludes that the device par excellence for consuming Connected TV content is the Smart TV, chosen by 75% of the users. They are followed by accessory devices that allow connection to television services or streaming content, also known as set top boxes (34%) – with Chromecast, Fire TV and the Movistar Plus+ decoder being the most popular – and the smartphone (29% ), with a growth of 14 percentage points compared to 2023.

Among consumer habits, it stands out that the majority of Connected TV users consume content mainly in the company of their partner (53%), although they also do so with their family (41%) or alone (36%). While, in the analysis by content, the most consumed are those related to entertainment, such as movies (75%), series (60%) and sports (50%); as well as current information, such as news (46%).

For their part, the platforms most used and known by Spanish users are Netflix (57%), Amazon Prime Video (55%) and YouTube (53%).