Changes in online behavior generated by Coronavirus

This week we can know about the impact that Coronavirus is having on the behavior of users on the Internet thanks to the latest data provided by Comscore, which reflects the sectors most affected by this pandemic and those that are having an increase in the number of users on their sites.

The web pages that best reflect the concern of users about COVID 19 are those that offer news related to this issue, which show a large increase in traffic during the last few weeks which we can see the moment when the first cases of Coronavirus are known in each European country.

 Source: Comscore

We can see the same data in Social Media that began transmitting information about this disease in mid-February, registering an 18% increase in the number of users connected in Spain during the first half of March.

The opposite is travel websites, one of the sectors most affected by the restrictive measures, which reflects an 18% drop in the number of users visiting these sites in Spain. The same happens with the sale of tickets for events, which has decreased by 55% since the beginning of March.