Five ways to guarantee more clicks on your video

There are many ways to ensure that as many people as possible click on your video, and the following five have proven to be very effective. The first way is to capture the viewer’s attention in the first 3 to 5 seconds. The first few seconds of the video are critical and can be anything from a short story to an intriguing comedy.

The second and third form is about simplicity, but at the same time about essence. The video must be clear from the beginning for anyone watching it. The viewer must understand the message from the beginning in order to participate in it. However, it must also have essence for viewers to identify with it. Of course, the ultimate goal is the purchase, but the first impulse must be of an emotional nature.

And finally, the last two forms concern the company itself. The viewer must be able to recognize the brand values immediately. The latter will promote brand awareness and a stronger loyalty base. Which brings us to the last point, which is the call to action. Once attention is captured and the viewer knows enough about the brand and its value, the video should end with a specific objective, which does not need to be a purchase, but can also be feedback, comment or shares.