Post-sale, the most important stage of the purchasing process

The process of buying a product or service is divided into five distinct phases: the information phase, the decision and comparison phase, the purchase phase and finally the post-sale phase. The latter embodies both after the sale behaviour and customer loyalty, making it the most important and decisive phase.

To best manage the post-sale phase, companies must first ensure that all communication channels are open, as the relationship between the company and the consumer is the key. Having an omnichannel contact centre, allows customers to give their opinions, express their concerns and can help companies deal with back office tasks.

Another effective way to ensure a satisfying post-sales experience is for the company to contact customers after the purchase. Although it may seem slightly invasive at first, 60% of the people surveying for Mediapost’s Relationship Marketing Study, expressed their enthusiasm for such action. Each of them said that being contacted right after the purchase makes them feel appreciated and helps them with future purchases.