Digital outdoor advertising is stronger than ever

Outdoor advertising is and has been a reference piece in the advertising sector over the years, becoming a symbol of many cities and even cultural and urban references.

As a result of the pandemic situation, this type of advertising was one of the most affected media for obvious reasons, so now, outdoor advertising must have more strength than ever to stand out from others formats and stimulus.

This advertising model must innovate and join technology in order not to lose that unique presence and essence it has owned over the years. And following on from this, we find DOOH (Digital Out of Home Advertising) which has grown a lot over the last few years and, in fact, digital outdoor advertising investment in 2020 was $41.06 billion and by 2026 it is predicted that $60 billion will be invested.

We must mention digital signage, which has revolutionized the DOOH landscape with infinity screens that change the experience of outdoor advertising, generating optical illusions and totally immersive experiences.

According to a study done by Alfi, outdoor digital advertising has become the most dynamic and interactive medium of the sector and will continue to grow significantly as companies increasingly bet on innovative formats, to break with the classic and even segment and personalize advertising messages.