The impact of coronavirus on smartphone use

Smartme Analitycs has developed a report on the management and use of the Smartphone in this time of exceptionality that we are living. How are all the changes we are experiencing affecting the use of mobile phones? The new forms of communication, the time we spend on social networks, either consulting content or generating it, making online orders, etc.

The use of mobile phones has been growing continuously for the last two weeks, increasing its daily use by one hour and reaching 3 hours and 24 minutes. The sectors where the use has grown more are communication (53.2%), social networks (20.9%), TV and film (19.9%), press and radio (14.7%). The other side of the coin are the sectors that have seen a drop in consumption, for example, the fashion sector by 22.8% or the travel sector by 20.6%.

In terms of the use of the most common apps that we all have installed on our smartphones, the biggest growth has been on WhatsApp with 61%, followed by calls and hangouts. Twitter is the fastest growing social network with 56.1%, followed by Facebook with 36.5% and Instagram with 22.7%.

The TV and cinema apps have grown 20% in these two weeks and in the sector of the great entertainment the Parcheesi, township and clash of clans lead the podium.

The news aggregators and the apps of the traditional newspapers have also seen how these days of coronavirus have grown the visits, to the detriment of the sports news. The use of travel apps has been drastically reduced and the closure of businesses has also affected sales in retail, fashion and restaurants.