The importance of media coverage

Kantar has presented data showing the impact of advertising on brand sales. One of the key points of the discovery was that companies with an average television coverage of 87%, are ten times more likely to contribute to the sales of a brand, compared to the usual moderate campaigns, with a coverage of 46.7%.

Kantar also states that high reach can be achieved with a good combination of television coverage, but also of other media. For example, radio and digital channels will allow companies to increase the audience and reach a wider audience.  This is called cross-media, which is composed of four different aspects: building the brand image, increasing coverage, improving sales, diversifying the audience.

It is important for companies to keep in mind that it is not only about quantity if different media is used, but also about how it is used. Companies must find the perfect balance between the use of television and other sources. In addition, it is important to plan on what dates it is best to advertise. For example, good dates to invest in marketing are Black Friday and Christmas.