The ultimate solution for large companies to overcome micro-trends

When the first outbreak of coronavirus occurred, almost everyone rushed to the supermarkets to buy the essentials, such as toilet paper and food that could last over an extended period of time. However, as time went by, people started buying products like yeast to be productive due to quarantine boredom.  This change in consumer preferences is evidence of the so-called micro-trends.

Micro-trends emerge and evolve very quickly.  The main problem they create is the fact that it takes large companies 15 to 22 months to launch a new product and by then, it already needs an upgrade. Therefore, the smaller and easily adaptable brands, the micro-brands, always find ways to meet the needs of customers faster and outperform the large companies.

However, large companies have found ways to stay ahead of market flows by using artificial intelligence (AI). AI uses social media to anticipate what customers will want in the future and what trend will dominate at that particular time.