Sail the ‘First dates’ cruise in the Mediterranean

The dating of Cuatro will soon sail the seas to match 100 singles aboard a luxurious ship, which will cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. For the first time, the Mediaset format will leave the restaurant to go outside: 11 ENG equipment, 59 robotic cameras, 8 tons of material, 4 realization controls and 16,000 meters of cable have been necessary to carry out this recording. In total, there will be about 10 special programs of First Dates Crucero, where we will see the hundred singles chosen from the “2.000 or 3.000” that were presented to the casting, which will be recorded not only during their appointment, but also while preparing in the cabin or enjoying a swim in the pool, among other scenarios posed by this ‘maritime’ adventure of First Dates. But to see if it is possible to find love on the high seas, we will have to wait until 2020.