Say goodbye to cookies from 2023. What are the alternatives?

This 2022 will be the last year in which cookies will be available since they will disappear completely in Spain in 2023. Nowadays, there are already browsers that don’t allow the use of cookies, but they are still applied in Google Chrome, among others.

But what will happen once cookies no longer exist?

Don’t worry, the end of cookies will not mean the end of RTB (Real time building) or programmatic advertising, in fact, today there are already alternatives to select advertising spaces disregarding cookies.

In this article, we explain some alternatives that have emerged and are already in use today:

  • Contextual targeting: this alternative is based on matching the content of the page with relevant ads, segmenting through keywords, themes and images found within the portal. That is to say, when the user visits the page, ads will be shown based on the keywords of that specific page.
  • Topics segmentation: this second alternative created by Google, is similar to contextual segmentation but differs because it collects user data for three weeks, assigning each user 300 topics / themes that later, the advertiser can select 3 per user.
  • Universal ID: the third alternative is based on the replacement of cookies by the ID, which is the personal identifier of each user, encompassing their possible multiple devices.
  • First Party Data: this alternative is based on the data that the company collects through its own sources (web, RRSS, CRM, etc.). With this data, a retargeting is performed to place the ads to the target objective.

Although we now have these alternatives, many others will emerge until the disappearance of cookies is a fact. We will keep an eye on all the news to share it here!