Spain joins “Dia de los solteros” (Day of the Singles)

Yesterday, 11/11/2019, was celebrated the “Day of the Bachelor“, a day of celebration originally from China born to counter Valentine’s Day.  A day similar to Black Friday or Cyber Monday in which offers begin days before to attract consumers. The first hours of sale already predicted a positive balance with sales close to 23 million dollars.

The changes in our current society and the increasing number of single-person households generate changes in consumer habits and this fact has generated a new market niche that companies do not hesitate to take advantage of. According to data from the INE (National Statistics Institute) 25.5% of Spanish households are made up of a single person and increase their percentage of spending much faster, especially on online purchases.

The “Day of the Bachelor” has its origin in China and is celebrated on 11/11 as the number one represents a single person. Students at Nankin University, mainly single men, started this holiday and it became very popular in the 1990s.