Spaniards prefer to speak in person rather than by phone or WhatsApp

“The importance of communication in our lives” is the recent study published by the Association of Media Agencies in collaboration with Sondea. The study highlights one of the main conclusions: we still prefer to speak in person to give important news or report an event in our lives.

In the digital age in which we are immersed, 90,4% of Spaniards prefer to speak with friends in person, as well as with family (90,2%) or with co-workers (49,4%). WhatsApp ranks second as a favorite tool for talking to friends (58,26%) and co-workers (49,4%).

To report important events or relevant news we continue to do so in person, either to family or friends, for example to report the birth of a child or a breakup. It should be noted that social networks stand out as a means of communicating a new employment situation.

99,1% of those surveyed considered communication to be important in any type of personal relationship. 89% indicate that it is important in the relationship with their partner, followed by the relationship with children and parents (87%) or communication at work (83%).