Spotify offers news advertisement spaces inside podcasts

The online audio platform Spotify has announced at the end of January 2022 that will start offering in Spain spaces for ad insertion within its own podcasts.

Rodrigo Gonzalez, commercial director of Spotify Spain, announced that adding advertising in podcasts allows advertisers to advertise in specific content and associate them with certain podcasts and presenters, thus narrowing down the brand’s target audience.

To do this, Spotify has developed its own Streaming Ad Insertion technology to be able to include these ads in its own podcasts. The Swedish company has emphasized that these ads will be shown to all users, whether Premium or not, and will only be shown in its own podcasts, not those of third parties that are on the platform.

The new Streaming Ad Insertion advertising platform offers the quality and familiarity of traditional podcast advertising with the added value of digital marketing. This has been confirmed by the commercial director of Spotify Spain, who highlights that “due to this technology, we can offer new opportunities for measuring podcast advertising, such as confirmed ad impressions, first-hand audience insights and creative performance measurement. And we are putting all of this into action, prioritizing, as always, the user experience”.

In fact, Spain is now one of the fastest growing European markets in terms of podcast listening, with more than 12 million monthly listeners.