Technological trends at the Covid-19 stage

The arrival of the Covid-19 has left no one indifferent and the digital era in which we live is more important than ever. From the confinement, which we have been forced to prevent and reduce contagion, new trends have emerged that will mark the rest of the year and those to come.

We are talking about cultivating and prioritizing everything that has to do with health, care and protection of life. Personal, mental and physical well-being and all the challenges that are going to be posed regarding health. Issues that go hand in hand, according to the Arena Tech&Trends study, with security and privacy measures in the face of digitalization, which, if it was already present in our lives, has now become essential.

To highlight an aspect that, although it is reflected in the study, has been the most striking and with more social conscience: the commitment with the society, with the people and with the sustainability of the planet. And these are the new ways in which brands are immersed, discovering new roles to connect with consumers by the hand of values such as transparency or ethics.