The SuperBowl ad features famous faces

super bowl

The SuperBowl is much more than an American sports event, it is the most watched television event of the year. Therefore, the ads that appear in it are intended to be remembered by millions of viewers around the world. Most of them are starred by celebrities. The ads of this year belong to big companies such as Olay, Pepsy, Stella Artoris and Hunday.

In the case of the brewery Stella Artoris has chosen to introduce familiar faces from the world of cinema such as Jeff Briges and Sarah Jessica Parker. This ad features two idols from the 90s that change their favorite drinks to adopt the beer brand that has signed an agreement to provide drinking water to the world of development.

This is one of many ads that appear in the Super Bowl. These can be considered the most expensive ads in the world because there is a high great expectation.