Video: the online format that will generate the most traffic in 2022

Video will be the format that will dominate the Internet in 2022. It is estimated that, during this year, video content will generate 82% of all Internet traffic.

This is due to the fact that social networks and other new emerging platforms such as Instagram, YouTube or Tiktok are increasingly betting on video and encouraging content creators to bet more on video rather than static images through their algorithms. And this is something that we have already been observing on various platforms such as Instagram, where reels have the highest impressions statistics.

In fact, according to Forrester, it is estimated that one minute of video has an impact equal to 1.8 million words for a user. In addition, there is a 41% greater chance that the user will click on a video rather than a text or static image.

According to these data, brands should bet on creating content in video format and carry out online advertising actions also in video. Betting on video advertising is necessary and almost an obligation, since it is what the audience consumes now.