Whatsapp leads the ranking of social networks

According to the latest IAB Annual Social Networking Survey 2020, in terms of usage preference, Whatsapp is in the lead, maintaining the position for the third consecutive year. Facebook remains in second position and Instagram in third ahead of Youtube. In terms of frequency of use, Whatsaap also leads this ranking, with 96% of users indicating daily use, followed by Instagram at 81% and Facebook at 78%.

The network with the highest increase in users has been TikTok, which has gone from 3% to 16% in one year.

With these data it is not surprising that brands are present in each and every one of the most relevant social networks. This generates a feeling of trust and accessibility among consumers. Among professionals in the advertising sector, the use of Whatsapp Business increases by 53%. Among the main uses are clarifying doubts, managing orders and sending advertising. 66% indicate an increase in advertising investment, with Instagram being the most favoured network, followed by Facebook and Twitter.